Saturday, 6 December 2014

An open letter to Cuddles Cat Cafe

I don’t know about you but I love going to town. It brings me joy seeing the shops that I frequent and dining at my favourite places. Which was why I got excited when I found out a new cat café was opening up at SCAPE.

“Cuddles. Cat. Café? You mean I can cuddle the cats?!”

Before I start writing my take on the experience and thoughts of this new cat café, I will declare that this is entirely my say. I am entitled to my own opinion, so if you disagree, then…..good for you.  

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a picture of myself during my visit to Cuddles Cat Café about a month ago. I had my last exam paper that day and seeing that the Cuddles Cat Café is finally opened, I thought I’d give it a go.

It was inevitable to not see a poster right outside the café that screams, “We are recruiting!” Because my holiday had just started, why not I give this a shot right?

Here’s how the poster looks like – which can be found on their Facebook page too.

Main role – play with cats, act as a cat guardian and simple house-keeping duties. Sounds simple. University undergrads are welcomed? Yeah, perfect. Submit resume with cat experience? Checked. This is a dream part-time job for me!

I had a small chat with the owner (Jon), you know trying to be friendly before I get to work there. He asked me which Uni am I from and that I can try to apply for a part-time position. Of course I’ll try! I mean I have 3 cats at home, I am an undergrad, I have 3 months holiday (which means I can commit for 2 months)…so what else am I missing?


I visited the café after lunch, which was probably about 3-4pm despite knowing that all the cats would be sleeping. It was also raining heavily at the time, so it didn’t help at all. There were a few hyper ones running around. I stayed for about an hour roaming around and hoping some cats would wake up and play with me.

That was when I noticed a few things that I thought were inappropriate.

  •  Throughout my stay (note: 1 hour), the cats had 4 snack plates given. 2 plates each time. The sound created from hitting the snack plates together will make the cats jump and run out of their hidden spots to come out and have their snack.
  • The first round of snacks was alright but a second one in less than an hour? You really crave for attention don't you?
  •  Customers are allowed to buy can food off the shelves to feed the cats in the café.

Brushing these thoughts off my mind, I told my bb Evonne (who is also a cat lover) that we could have just found our dream job. We both sent our resume on the same day together. 

A few days later, she got a call back to pick a date to come for training. Until her training day, there wasn't any call for me.  I texted her to ask how her training went; and that was when I figured why Cuddles Cat Café is truly a disgusting place to work in.

1.    The owner hires only pretty girls.

I wont deny that my bb is beautiful inside and out, which came as no surprise when she got called first. During her training day, she interacted with the other friendly staffs and became curious to why I was not hired despite being able to fit all the requirements. They told her that the owner does not bother to look at your resume when you submit yours. The only thing he bothers – your looks.

Which means, my long-ass resume with my sharing of my personal experience of having cats in my house since I was young, my love for animals and how I fit the bill – were redundant. Which also means, the owner does not prioritize the wellbeing of the cats enough to hire staffs WITH experience. Apparently good looks = attract more customers = more money $$. Guess that wasn't too hard to decode eh?

2.    “Training day” with no training.

I was also told that there wasn’t any training. Zilch. She mentioned that she was welcomed to work and was told to bring the cats outside (play area) if they ever wander inside the staff room. That’s all.

I don’t get it. If the owner were truly an animal lover, he would prioritize the cats. He would make sure that all staffs know the right and proper standard of grooming the cats, be the best cat guardian to provide the best for the cats, standard protocol. Even for a new staff with experience, he should/would have asked them to demonstrate on how to carry a cat/groom them; to make sure that everybody is on par of the knowledge of handling a cat.

3.    Any time is food time.

Going back on my experience during my visit, if giving snacks twice within an hour was bad enough, these cats have no limit to their food intake.

The café has shelves stocked with cat toys, can foods, merchandise that can be purchased. I personally witnessed a customer buying a canned food to use as bait to attract her assumingly favorite cat of the lot to come near her.

Humans and animals have natural instinct to follow where the smell of delicious food comes from. Only exception, humans know when they are full. Animals do not. As long as there is food, they will eat it.

Seeing this shocks me because cats are supposed to be fed 3 times daily – breakfast, lunch, dinner or be fed adult “maintenance” food twice daily; depending on the advice your vet gives you. Anything more than that may cause obesity, which predispose them to risk of diabetes, arthritis or hepatatic lipidosis – fatty liver disease. (my vet will always emphasize on this during each visit.)

The café serves food too. I just happened to witness these two girls feeding the cat their Fish & Chips. I have no issues on them having food after all it is a café. If you have been to other cat cafes, you will notice that their space are all smaller as compared to Cuddles Cat Café. Which means the cats are being carefully watched so no one can fool around or feed them as they like. Cuddles Cat Café is the biggest cat café in Singapore. There are rooms for these cats to roam, customers to chill. But they can also feed these cats junks when no one is looking.

4. Cat with spinal injury.

Evonne had an access to the staff room during her training day and she can’t help but to notice that there was a sick orange cat in a cage. She found out that the cat had spinal injury after a customer who had no knowledge of carrying a cat; dropped it accidentally.

Given the fact that an accident had left a cat injured and disabled, the thought of the café still allowing customers to manhandle their cats makes me sick.

Here are the other four cat cafes in Singapore - The Cat Café, The Company of Cats, Meomi Cat Café and Cat Café Neko No Niwa.  In which, 3 out of 4 has strict rules to not carry their cats. (I could not access Meomi’s Cat Café website). These cat café owners probably are aware of the risk and danger of manhandling a cat with no proper knowledge or dropping the cat at a certain height.

                                     1. Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa

                                             2. The Cat Cafe

     3. The Company of Cats

We are not discussing a normal café with shitty customer service. We are discussing about cafe with cats and that is crucial because animals are living things too. They don't merit being encased in a spot with a shitty owner who doesn't prioritise their well-being. 

Guess it did not took me long to figure what I was missing either.


Well haha. F**K you, Mr Jon.


(Disclaimer: All stories were true based on what Evonne and I had experienced individually when we were there.)


  1. Hi I just wanna say thank you soooo much for this blogpost because whatever you said is so true. I've heard about many things about cuddlescatcafe as well cos ex staff came to my workplace which is also a cat cafe, won't mention here. Do you know that 8 cats under their are died? I really wanna spread the message of how bad their business is and I hope you won't mind me spreading your blogpost as well.

  2. Dear Ezza,

    We're the management team from Cuddles Cat Cafe and we have been alerted of your blogspot about us and our cafe.

    We would like to clarify and address all your issues listed in this blogpost and also welcome you to communicate with us if you are upset about any further issues.

    1) The evaluation criteria that we look at are cat experience, ability to handle cats, groom cats, affinity with cats, passion for cats, quality of work, initiative, efficiency, work attitude, positivity, presentation, and sociability. The assessment is done via a collective judgement from all the staff on duty that day, as well as the manager, and the owner.

    2) Trial day is not training day; it's a trial for us to determine the above evaluation criteria, whether you are a good fit for the cafe, and whether you find the cafe a good fit for yourself. Our training is done after you are hired.

    3) A typical 8 pound cat can consume approximately a 6 ounce can of wet food daily. We split a 6 ounce can into 2 plates, so 4 plates is equivalent to 2 cans. We have 20 cats in our cafe, which means that 2 cans would account for 10% of their daily food requirement in terms of volume. We prefer to have the staple of their diet via dry kibbles, so we strictly control the limit of canned food they can have a day. *Note: we no longer allow customers to feed the cats.

    4) Pudding has had a spinal injury from an unfortunate bad fall with an awkward position. He has fully recovered within weeks and we have also implemented a strict "No Carrying of Cats" rule since then.

    We welcome you to communicate with us if you are upset about any further issues.

    1. I would like to butt in, if I may.

      I have read the requirements on your cute little recruitment ad. And nowhere does it state anything about experience with cats. In fact, you said training will be provided.
      Be that as it may, I am pretty sure no one really has 'cat experience', if that is such a thing to be used on a professional level.
      Not calling someone for an interview, is not an evaluation of anything really. And if the girls that were hired.
      I speak as an owner of two cats. And cats need to have food regulated. Just leaving food out for cats, is acceptable for busy house owners or little kids with very little experience with cats.But for a cafe, which is suppose to portray an expertise of cat handling and care, that is completely unacceptable. At most, each cats food intake should be regulated and given out twice a day.
      I am pretty sure you would not even know if any of your cats are hogging all of the food or if there are some who barely get any.

      Anyways. Your cafe seems very suspect. Will check it out.

  3. I visited Cuddles once and I saw these 2 girls grabbing one cat by the neck and pinning it down so it wouldn't run away, just so they're able to grab a selfie with it. What's more disgusting was that, the poor kitty was already struggling to break free, they simply tug it back with force. I genuinely feel that they should stop letting people carry the cats.

    Anyway, I think you're really pretty! At least you don't smack on tons of powder on your face to make yourself look like a geisha. ^^""
    Don't bother about them not hiring you, you're better off without them! Good luck on your journey of becoming a vet! 😙

  4. This explains it all! Apparently they only hire people with 'veterinary experience' but they didn't make it clear in their requirements. Also, the other cat cafes in Singapore are much better than this! (In terms of service)

  5. Yea me too I've heard from an ex staff of cuddle cafe that before cuddles opened.. Ava officials did not allow the owner to have his cats in the cafe but he left them in the cafe because he has no space in his house to house them all.. When Ava officers came he put them in carriers and hide them in his car.. Also he mixed the sick ones (cat flu) with the healthy ones.. My friend even had ringworm from the cats in the cafe..

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  7. Thank you so much for posting this.

    As a volunteer for some cat organizations, I knew that Cuddles would be trouble from day1.
    Their reply to your post is insufficient and has failed to address the dead cats. A spinal injury will take ages to heal and SHOULD NEVER have happened in the first place. And yes, the ringworm rumour is something that seems to have been confirmed as well by an acquaintance.

    I hope you do manage to become a veterinarian one day :)

    @Cuddles: You guys are a disgrace. Give your cats a proper home.

  8. I also visited their cafe about one week ago. Their staff dun seems to bother about the cats and I saw them keep talking. I Even saw one customer was asking one of the staff something and the staff like dun really bother to reply or help. I'm shocked to know they have cats died in their care and I really won't ask my friends to visit their cafe. Is too costly and nothing much around Actually.

  9. I think it's safe to say that we should boycott cuddles cat cafe altogether. I went there once and saw that they allowed customers to grab the cats to take photos and chase them around until the cat is cornered and got no choice but to humor them. Some customers are really clueless when it comes to cats and do not know when cats are stressed out, in this case of cuddles, it's probably all the time.

    The amount of food that the cats intake is also not recorded and when I was there, a girl kept buying cat food just to feed the cat she likes, and the same cat is fed by another customer shortly after.

    As for the cats under their care that passed away, it's really disappointing that they don't even bother to address the issue, do they think cats are just toys to play and discard? -.-

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  11. There are plenty OF mistakes made by this lady who seems to be highly personal and outdated with the information provided.

    The entire post started of with you being sour about not getting employed, basing all your arguments on postulations and not facts. Your arguments stand on no grounds at all, so we shall dissect your arguments one at a time and here is as follow.

    First, your post on how the boss only hires "pretty girls". You started of by rambling about how you have no doubt that "your bb is beautiful inside and out" and ended your point by dedicating an entire paragraph to yourself on how as you may claim may have superior knowledge on pets but was not hired. Your first statement on how definite you felt your friend was beautiful inside and out , shows the subjective nature of the word "pretty" and to think that the owner of this cafe will base his entire cafe on a factor that is so subjective shows how immature and naive you are in your thinking. The entire paragraph that "flaunts your superior knowledge about pets or rather cats in specific" is kinda ironic as you based these superior knowledge of yours on two assumptions, First, the staffs currently working at cuddles cafe has no knowledge on pets at all, which is entirely false as I have been there personally and second, how having cats at your house show that you have superior knowledge which is kinda hilarious, as people that are limited by only such experiences will not be so full of herself. You may have better luck if you were to study veterinarian or are majoring in cat behaviours in specific in school, if not your experiences is not as superior as it may seem and I guess there shouldn't be a reason as to why you should feel sour that you weren't given a chance for the trial.

  12. Second, your post on how your friend stated that there were no trainings given to staffs on the first day shows two things. First, you friend wasn't really on the ball during the trial as there are THREE SHEETS OF PAPERS that were pasted in the staff pantry indicating a long list of protocol every staff should adhere to. How do I know that? This is because I have been to the trial myself and have witnessed all of this FIRST HAND and not hear from some friend of mine. I wouldn't even have dared to make such a "compelling" blogpost if I haven't witnessed these accounts myself.
    Second, the subsequent days after the trial were dedicated to learning the standard protocol that keeps focuses on caring for the cats such as grooming the cats, noticing cats' behaviour, how to carry them and last but not least how to ensure that the environment is safe for the cats. The reason as to why your friend stated that there weren't any trainings given was because she only learnt the bare minimum that kept the cafe running and not the complexities that revolve around this entire cafe, something that only staffs that are accepted through trial will be promptly and adequately educated and experience themselves.

    Third, cuddles cat cafe has adequately replied to your point and if you are still full of yourself then maybe this world isn't for you.

  13. Fourth, your post on how the cafe still allows people to manhandle their cat even though an incident of a patron dropping the cat took place shows how OUTDATED you were. THIS MAKES ME WANT TO QUESTION THE CREDIBILITY OF YOUR ENTIRE BLOGPOST as the rule of not allowing patrons to carry cats has took effect long before you intricately crafted this post. If the owner only cared about profit maximising, he would have still allowed patrons to carry the cats as it can be said as one of the major selling point of the cafe. It was emphasised to staffs as well as customers that all customers are not allowed to carry any cats and that we have to explicitly emphasise and stress the importance of this particular house rule before they can patronise the place. Ezza, if the owner of this cafe is, as you described so cold blooded, shallow and have no regards to cats at all, he would have allowed children of all age groups to enter this cafe, but he didn't. He limited his cafe to children age 10 and above with complete knowledge that he will lose plenty of businesses as he wanted to ensure that all cats are treated appropriately with a sense of maturity. Second, you may have gotten your facts wrong as the cat with the spinal injury isn't disabled and was still alive and kicking, to put it more accurately, lively as ever and jumping up cat trees when I last saw her three hours ago. Her name is Pudding so if you do have the guts to visit cuddles again you will be able to pay her a visit:)

    The reason as to why I am so affected by this blogpost is that it strongly disturbed me as all the arguments put fourth by this lady were so personal and its kinda obvious that she was just feeling really sour about the fact that she wasn't given the chance to work at the cafe. These baseless assertions are tarnishing the reputation of a cafe that has brought so much joy to the people in Singapore and is kinda disappointing to see a few netizens agreeing with her opinions or rather her friend's opinions.

    I do respect that these are your opinions and wouldn't have cared so much if it only appeared on your blog but for it to appear on The Real Singapore will have many implications on the cafe. The staffs working there love all the cats fondly and have been giving their best tender love and care in taking care of each and every cats . They have been doing their best in putting on smiles when greeting all of their customers even though they may have a tiring week of work, providing the best form of service they can render to their customers even though some people like you may not appreciate.

    Hopefully netizens will stand by the side of Cuddles cat Cafe and not be blindsided by such a naive and outdated post that is fuelled by a ladies' resentment towards a cafe that didn't employ her.

    To rephrase the last paragraph of yours which you ended of kinda rudely,

    " Guess it did not took (to be grammatically sound it should have been TAKE though) Cuddles long to figure what they were missing either."


    Well haha. SEE YOU SOON MS EZZA"

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    2. I am guessing you are one of the staff in Cuddles Cat Cafe. I am actually very glad you replied as I am an avid cat lover and am appalled by what was written. I chose to do my own research.

      Turns out, even though what was written was based on her sour experience. There are photos of customers still carrying the cats that was dated only 4 DAYS AGO. So you see, her information isn't exactly outdated.

      As a cat lover, the owner should very well know that carrying and cuddling of cats are strictly a no-no to any type of animals especially when they are visited by hundreds of different people everyday. Having the "no carry" rules only implemented after a cat's injury shows the owner's lack of experience with cats.

      Lastly, my friend has also commented on their Facebook to clarify about the 8 dead cats and question their operations. These comments were deleted and left unanswered.

      To all customers of cat cafes; please make an active decision when choosing which cat cafes in Singapore to go to. There are 4 other very lovely and honest cafes in Singapore. If you do not feel that the way the animals are treated is right and feel uncomfortable about it. Do not patronize such places and try to share your experience with other family members and friends.

      Thank you.

  14. Thanks Ezza for this post. I have to agree with you. And please don't bother about Jervis Ng. And Jervis, even before this blog post, I already felt the same way as Ezza. So nope, I am not blindsided.

    I went to the cat cafes and Cuddles gave me the most disturbing experience. I went and the cafe was crowded. Most cats were so afraid, they hid behind the sofa. Some were sleeping on the cat condo and people kept poking them. One cat kept going into the staff room probably because it was so uncomfortable with the crowd but they keep bringing it back outside. That is a lot of stress for a cat.

    I hope more people like you will come forward and create awareness for this. It is worrying because there are too many sudden "cat lovers" after cat cafes pop up here. It is sickening to see unexperienced people handling cats so roughly in these cafes.

    Hope something can be done to stop Cuddles.

  15. totally agree!!! dun bother abt that jervis ng! full of crap..stop using the cats to earn money bt no love for the cats!

  16. Hi. Thank you so much for this post. My friend and I have been there for a couple of times, and I must say that these cats really deserve a better home.

    One thing that has made me extremely uncomfortable is how I have seen customers, and yes, the owner himself, force carry the cats. I must admit that I am not an avid cat lover, nor do I know much about them, but I'm pretty sure there's something called mutual respect even towards cats, or any other animal for a fact. I personally witness the owner force carry Chip(?), the Scottish Fold on one occasion, when it was clearly trying to get some own time on the cat condo. It was practically clinging on to the pole of the cat condo.

    Of course, I cannot question what goes on behind the doors, if the owners/caretakers have been giving good care to these cats. However, what I have witnessed has made me feel that the cats are continued to be mishandled by ignorant customers, even with the recent change in the cafe's "policy".

  17. It's been a long time coming, someone should have made such a post earlier.

    I first visited Cuddles Cat Cafe nearly 8 weeks ago. I guess the place was still new. Rules weren't really set in place, and even if they were I guess people weren't following them. Where it is obvious for the other cat cafes they do not allow customers to disturb sleeping cats, to carry the cats, Cuddles Cat Cafe (CCC) did not implement this rule. I was peeved by this fact and angered when I saw customers plucking the cats from the towers or from the floor when it was obvious as hell that the cats really hated it.
    After that first visit, I entered the "Cuddles Cat Cafe" location tag on Instagram and chanced upon multiple employee's instagram pages. I am guessing that one of the person I saw used to foster the cats before they were being housed in the cafe? But anyway I saw that a particular kitty named Cloudy was sick, and if I'm not wrong, I do not think he's around anymore...

    However, I was blinded by the fluffy and lovely cats during that first vist, and returned for a second time within that same week with an additional friend who owns a cat herself.

    And boy, the second trip was an eye opener indeed. (I was there during the last opening hour.)
    Multiple times, a bestacled guy in his earlier to mid forties would be seen bringing around a group of people or a single person. I am unable to remember if he had a lanyard around his neck, as the customers would have this around their necks. But he tried to pluck a particularly tiny scottish fold off a cat tower, the scottish fold was hanging onto it for its dear life. It was the last straw for me. I had seen too much bullshit going on within that past hour, what's with customers carrying the cats around, forcing them to be still so they could plaster their faces next to the cats' and take a picture. I yelled at him to stop it, that the cat doesn't like it. And my other friend did the same thing at the same time that I did. I guess we both couldn't tolerate it anymore, huh.
    Little did I know, when I was preparing to leave the cafe, that this dude was at the counter, collecting money from customers. So this egghead was the owner of this cafe?! SAY WHAT? How could such a person own such a cafe? Especially when stricter rules have to be implement since the lives of so many cats are involved? (On a sidenote, it was a little over 11pm and while me and my friends were waiting at the counter when the last paying customer had left, he was still chatting to a lovely looking lady standing beside him and I had to voice my displeasure multiple times before he turned his attention towards me.)
    It was after this visit that I realised that.... this place is trash. Other than the cats, this place is trash. People should know this. The cats are lovely, yes, don't they deserve to be treated better? It was after this trip that my friends and I decided that we would not return.

    1. But alas I did. Weeks later after I saw the new rules about not carrying the cats, not feeding the cats their feed from the bowls. I was in town and was in need of comfort and cats brought me comfort. My friend saw me being mopey and after a second of confirming that the owner was not working the counter, we decided to go in. There were much lesser people in the cafe since it was mid-afternoon on a weekday. I guess this was why in the entire hour that I was there, I saw the staff in her kimono only once. People were still carrying the cats off the floors, this guy had no lanyard around his neck, and he was pretty buff looking. I don't want to assume but I've seen him around multiple times when I went up to see the cats through the glass, but he probably is one of the staff. But anyhoo, staff or not, I think the cat would really appreciate it if you were to leave it alone when it wants you too. Mutual respect. Sometime I wish the cat would give these people a long gash on across their faces. Gah.

      I digress.
      I just really wish that something can be done about this. The cats deserve so much better. But at the same time I am so afraid that if the cafe were to close, the owner would reclaim ownership of the cats and continue to do gross things like abandon them or give them to relatives as doorgifts. He doesn't seem like the sort to give a shit. Maybe just a toe out of line would put them out of business. God, someone just needs to look deeper into this. Please.

      p.s. I feel almost sorry that the cafe was named after one of their cats, Cuddles. Poor kitty doesn't deserve to be tainted by the cafe like that..

  18. Though I haven't experienced for myself what you wrote about in your article, I'd really like to thank you for voicing out for the cats. It's extremely disappointing that this cafe chose to stock their place with pedigrees instead of rescue homeless cats like many other cat cafes have chosen to do. Given their prime position as animal-business owners, they could have made a difference to so many lives, but they chose to focus on pedigrees instead because "pedigrees are more popular". Popular? Sure. With those who only care about looks, who are more cute-lovers or looks-lovers than actual animal lovers. It's not surprising that actual animal welfare isn't high on their priority list. Pleasing ignorant public members who visit and earning their money matter more.

    I haven't visited a cat cafe and will probably never pay to visit one because I have three lovely rescues of my own at home to play with. If I feel like giving other cats some love, I can visit the SPCA or just go downstairs to hang out with the neighborhood strays. I care about the stories behind each cat and love them regardless of color, coat or breed. Our local cats are every bit worthy of love and I'm glad many other cat cafe owners can see that. A cat cafe that only perpetuates the myth that "pure breed is better" does nothing for our local cats and even less for their welfare.

  19. My group of friends and I visited Cuddles Cat Cafe less than 2 months ago. Already I was surprised at how they (if I'm not wrong, that bespectacled mid-40s looking guy could be Jon) let any customer purchase cat food off the shelves and feed the cats anytime. Also surprised at how 2-3 pretty female staff were just walking around being pretty (except 1 who was professional and looked like she really cared about the cats) instead of observing how customers were handling the cats and giving appropriate advice. We carefully calculated our time spent 'cuddling the cats' (most of the cats were in the staff room, the rest were sleeping, that left all customers with just a handful of cats to play with/cuddle/look at. At precisely 1 hour and 41 or 42 mins, we left the 'cuddle area' and proceeded to go queue up to wash up, retrieve our belongings, return our socks and make our payment. We were charged the fee of 2 hours. We had no idea the time spent outside the cuddle area was chargeable too. But that wasn't the issue. It was that, all this time, Mr Supposedly-Jon was just sitting at the cashier with a pretty girl laughing and chatting, fully knowing that our group was taking our time doing these. Pretty girl knew it was our first time there, Mr Supposedly-Jon knew we were taking our time washing etc. because we were not a small group and there were other customers exiting too. We were hoping that they could at the very least, out of courtesy, inform us that time spent outside the cuddle area was chargeable while they were watching us. Besides, they were just inches away from us (the area is small). When we expressed our shock at being charged 2 hours' cuddling fee (that was $3 x 7 for us!), Mr Supposedly-Jon was unable to let us have a reasonable explanation and behaved all weirdly. It was obvious that he knew we were expecting to be charged 1 hr 45 mins, yet did not forewarn us throughout the time he saw us washing up etc. We didn't create any ruckus or pursue the matter, just paid and left, sure that we wouldn't be back. Minutes later we realised we haven't retrieved our ICs which were collected during our entry. This was partly our fault for forgetting, and also Mr Supposedly-Jon's for returning ICs all the time and yet missing out ours too. Whether it was on purpose, we'd never know. But it was unprofessional all the same.

    Thank you for posting this. I think more people need to know about Cuddles Cat Cafe's questionable standards and how seemingly poorly they handle honest feedback.

    1. Why is there a need to collect your ICs? Is there a need for that?

  20. Sorry to hijack this post on Cuddles Cafe, but seeing how everyone here is passionate about helping cats, can I please get your help on the cat "removal" issue that's happening in my estate:

    The Town Council and RC of my neighbourhood have come together to conduct a poll to ask residents if they are okay with the "removal" of cats from our neighbourhood, due to complaints that cat food has been left lying around on the floor, causing a mess and attracting pests. It's ridiculous that the cats are being punished for the irresponsible behaviour of some cat-feeders.

    Those of you here who truly care about cats and want to help, please help to share the article ( and also write in to the authorities involved. Thank you so much for helping to save the lives of my neighbourhood cats!